Meet Captain Geoff...




Captain Geoff Woodliff has been an airboat enthusiast since he was 14 years old. Born in north Alabama, he is passionate about the waterways of Alabama. He inherited his love for the water from his father, also a boat enthusiast. He is very dedicated to the wildlife and conservation of the Mobile- Tensaw Delta, and does everything he can to keep it healthy. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to the different species of wildlife. He has a unique sense of adventure that makes him an exciting captain. Captain Geoff does everything he can to ensure that his tours are fun, exciting, and educational.

His background includes being a certified lifeguard and a scuba diving instructor; licensed airplane pilot, USPA Tandem Skydiving instructor, US Army Retired, and is certified through the US Coast Guard as a Captain.










This site is dedicated to my mother, my father, and to the family members who remain supportive to our success.

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